Jan 2019
MEDD year closure 2019

Happy & healthy 2019!
Special thanks to our customers, users and partners.

Our team of enthusiastic designers, process thinkers, and Human Factors consultants look forward to another year of making risk management in healthcare more lively, understandable and practical. How? Together and driven by design.

Warm regards, MEDD

In the background we are still working on our English content. Please contact us if you have a specific question about our work and services. 

Sept 2017
Training Risk Based Design Thinking in Healthcare

Last summer we organized a public training course at the CGE Innovation Center. It was a very pragmatic course with the aid of innovative tools and building games, enthusiastically received by all participants. It will be repeated later this year for those who missed out, i.e. on September 28. Focus will be on patient journey mapping, bowtie & risk management, PRI, SAFER, FMEA and VMS.

Jan 2018
MEDD year closure 2018

Happy & healthy 2018! Special thanks to our customers, users and partners. Warm regards, MEDD 

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