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By providing insights in processes and risks and making them understandable, we help our customers in the field of Care and Wellbeing, Education and MedTech to create focus. Our toolbox can help with this. The insights about wanted and unwanted behavior, that are obtained together, motivate care professionals to be proud of what goes well within their workflow and take specific action where needed.

For whom?

What do you get?

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For whom?
Everyone who is involved in quality and safety in healthcare.

Healthcare professionals who want to evaluate their current behavior together and want to make targeted improvements in terms of quality and safety.

From nurse to manager, from head practitioner to quality and safety employee. From patient to caregiver. From teacher to student.

What do you get?
Understandable and accessible self-assessment tools.

The process and risk-oriented toolbox is composed according to your needs with user-friendly manuals and worksheets.

MEDD provides advice and guidance in compiling, introducing and implementing the interactive toolbox.

Process-analysis tools:

  • Patient Journey, stakeholder mapping, diary research, requirement specifications, PDCA
  • A0 template 'Patient Journey' & post-its 

Risk-analysis tools:

  • (H)FMEA, BowTie, Risk Game
  • BowTie guidance, A0 template & post-its

MEDD Persuasive Serious Game:

  • The game consists of a set of question cards stimulating conversations about Risk Management, Patient Experience and Culture and Behavior. Questions about these topics have to be answered to help release a patient from the hospital following his specific patient journey.

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